Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A very well spent chol-ha-moed Succoth

The first place we went to was the old city- always picturesque, overcrowded, but in the holydays unbelievably so . So many people were there that we didn't even go to the Western wall, just visited the Temple Institute and went back home .
However, it turned out to be very interesting tour, with the treasures of the Temple exhibition, including  Temple vessels exhibition ,priestly garments, Holy temple models, workshops for kids.
One drawback for us- it's a very interesting place to visit for kids and parents, but i would say for a kids older than  5 , so that my little ones had to be taken away by me in order not to make noise and  disrupt the tour .
Anyway i'm always glad to visit the old city, even in the most crowded hours.
Love the colorful shuk - bazaar in the old city

This is the coolest way to restore the cement between those old stones, i ever seen

Old window, old stones.

The other great place we went to was Har HaRuah , in close vicinity of Jerusalem. The girls at first didn't want to go to the hike, but only see the goats in the goats farm over there, but after a while they liked it very much- to look for different insects and lizards (which is what we always do ) and listen to the story their dad was telling about the people who lived in that place once (the place has some runis of ancinet farming).

And of course the goats are great , and their little ones are most adorable.

The best trip we had was a whole family outing to Wadi Kelt river. It's one of the greatest hikes we had in the last couple of years. It can be hiked mostly in the water, which is great in that desert heat and ,wow that  water is so cold! the kids didn't want to go out , even after turning blue , and the little one didn't want to go in, so he was carried in the baby sling the whole way.
The contrast of the desert surroundings and the cold river is just unbelievable.

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