Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Revamp project- Chinese style painting over old formica closet

In our appartment we have two matching niches, located in the hallway. Both niches have shelfs and each makes a small closet. One of them had old , ugly dark brown formica doors , and other has no doors at all.
The doors pretty much  looked like this:
After- the bottom door
 Being on a budget afet moving in , i decided at least to paint it white , as it was causing our tiny hallway to look even smaller. So i painted the doors with one layer of primer , and two layers of white paint.
Now it already looked much better .

 One day i decided to add something else , so i painted this picture on the bottom door (by the way i painted it with a regular acrylic colors, and it holds on very good , i even washed it couple of times ):

 And the other picture on the top door :

After- the top door

Need to take a better picture of the top door. The hallway is very  tiny , so this is what came out.

More pics of bottom door

Now , there is another dilemma: i have two such closets, located symmetrically on two sides of the hallway , and though the doors of the first one were ugly, but at least there were some doors. While that other closet  has nothing to cover up all the mess and clutter inside it. Right now i put some plain curtain on it, but it doesn't look so good. It will cost me a fortune to order a new door for it .

So i need assistance from all the creative minds : please help me find some creative (and cheap) ideas . 
I promise to think over very carefully any ideas you have  and to show off later what came out of it.
Thanks a lot!!!