Sunday, April 10, 2011

My ever-growing to do list

There is so much stuff to do, and even more stuff i'm planning to sew, paint, repurpose in some future...

1. So the fisrt one is to finish finally the dress i'm sewing for myself. This dress is an unfortunate one, as it started with a nice silk shirt, it's fabric i liked very much and didn't like how it looks on me. So i cut the shirt , added another silk , black , and came out with a black and white silk dress :
But not for long, for the upper part's fabric turned out to be a very delicate one, and after wearing once, it had a very disappointing split. So i decided to save that dress at any cost , and bought 2 additional fabrics: black velvet, to replace the torn upper part , and bordo lace for the skirt. I resewed it again , and now it turned out that i was too optimistic about my waist size... So i unstitched again the upper part from the skirt , and hopefully someday it will fit me well and be wearable. I promice to show off then. This one is ready !

2. The second one  to make is the set of toys , that i was asked to sew for Princesse's kindergarten, similar to those on the picture. I really hope  i'm up to the job.  Thankfully this one is done !

3. To  re-knit some baby cardigan for my friend. At least it can wait till next winter.

4. To sew a pet bed for our dog Don. I'm planning to make it out of fleece pieces i have left. Done too. Don is very happy.
5. The tradititonal baby blunket to knit, crochet , whatever, for the coming baby . As both girls have one each , the baby should have one. It's still in the process, proceeding very slowly :(

8. To sew for myself some maternity clothing. Not much oif the maternity clothing , but the maternity swimware is done. I saved some 250 Nis on that and found the color i liked too. Promise to add a picture.

9. To sew the curtains for the bedroom , and to make the headboard for our bed , preferably with the same fabric as the curtain. I choose the colours of yellow/orange for the curtain and headboard. I think i'll need also to sew a new cover for the bed , so that our dog can demolish this one too. I think that this kind of curtain will look great , and the wall colour on the picture looks pretty much like my bedroom. Done , but didn't come out as i wanted :(

10. A little curtain for the window from porch to the kitchen.
11. Some more stuff , that wasn't planned  ,but came out - tutu skirt for my big princess, and twirly skirt for her too , that was sewn in an hour, cause she needed one in blue for kindergarden the next day , and all she had at home is pink of course.

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