Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kids fun activity - what came out of broken crayons

We had a big box  of old crayons of various kinds, most of them broken. Both girls love playing with them, BUT there were two problems:
First of all, baby sister is very persistent about  pulling those things into her mouth and cannot be distracted with other toys. Second of all , both find it a great idea to spread those pieces all over the house and i got a bit tired of stepping on it or finding it in my shoes.
So then came a solution that i found in one of the craft blogs:
-we broke those crayons into even smaller pieces
- all those pieces were inserted into some old rusty baking molds i used once for muffins.
- put that stuff into the oven for 15 minutes on 120 C (~ 250 F)
 Important! It comes out of the oven very hot and a lot of patience needed.

And they're drawing

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